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AA Metals, Inc. (AAM) is a master distributor of a wide range of semi-finished aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal products. We serve metal service centers, metalworking businesses, and customers in the automotive, appliance, building and construction, transportation, and packaging industries worldwide. Our priority is always the future, and this is the vision that drives the most influential companies in our modern world.

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This website is our voice to you. Perhaps you want to hear from other customers, learn about our executive team, or even just glance at some of our favorite moments in the Gallery. Everything here is designed to help you understand who we are and why we do what we do. Please, select any of the options below to learn more, and we are very grateful for your interest!
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Why AA Metals ?

We aim to be the best with effort and strategy. Trust us as your best distributor.


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From our CEO to our Head of sales, every one of us are glad to place our name on this company!

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Success doesn’t happen without listening to your customers. We do, and you can read all about it!

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We Never Stop Moving Forward

We have over 500 customers, and we partner with dozens of mills on a global scale, sourcing our supplies, time, and opportunities from anywhere we find it. We believe in people, and this allows our worldwide presence to expand and include numerous warehouses and our own factory. Please, give us the opportunity to work with you and prove our value.

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