Why AA Metals?

At AA Metals we know we’re not the only people in this industry. No company can become the best without learning from competition. We certainly wouldn’t have found ourselves in the position to acquire our own factory, avoiding related outsourcing costs. We wouldn’t have seen a need to branch out and establish warehouses at the best locations. We know we’re not alone, and we want to prove that doesn’t matter.

From Service Packages to Product Strategy, We Do It All

AA Metals, Inc. is a globally-dominant master distributor of quality aluminum and stainless products. We meet market demands by presenting customized solutions and creating effective, mutually beneficial service relationships with hundreds of customers and suppliers worldwide.

No one else furnishes such comprehensive service packages: procurement, logistics, finance, insurance, industrial marketing, and after-sale services all are available if needed. Even more, we provide our customers and suppliers with an unmatched marketing and sourcing expertise, industry knowledge, technical support, and global reach.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AA Metals has expanded its operations to a global scale. This means…

  • International locations in Colombia, Europe, Turkey and China
  • Over 300 employees from multi-skill backgrounds
  • Over 600,000 SF distribution and manufacturing facilities

Our influence stretches far beyond a conventional distributor’s, and our product list grows as a result. We offer…

  • Hundreds of alloys, finishes, and temper options for our metals, with possible customizations exceeding thousands 
  • Machinery that can handle jobs from specialized cutting to unique extrusions

The Proof Is In The Accolades

We make a lot of claims. We also have a lot of reasons for those claims, namely industry-leading accreditations and esteemed nominations for our leadership. Whether eating with British royalty or accepting yet another NQA certification for organizing a high-quality workplace, our team members are not unaccustomed to being noticed for their hard work and resulting success. We know others can perform distribution, but we believe you need more than that. Do you?

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