Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AA Metals has expanded its operations to Colombia, Europe, Turkey, and China with over 300 employees and over 600,000 SF distribution and manufacturing facilities. Our establishments in these key areas is necessary to acquire resources and output products in the most cost-effective and efficient ways. AA Metals’ customers benefit from the fact that our knowledge goes beyond the US - we learn from people and markets far beyond.

United States — FL

AA Metals (Orlando, Florida, USA) has been trading and distributing aluminum since 2003.

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United States — PA

Williamsport's Chance Aluminum upgrades for top quality and efficiency.

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Türkiye (Turkey)

Teknik Alumninyum (Corlu, Turkey) is one of the largest aluminum rolling mills in Turkey.

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AA Metals SAS (Medallion, Colombia) is a metal processor and distributor.

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Globally Stationed To Meet Global Preferences

We often talk about our wish to cater to every customer’s needs, and we mean that. When you work as broadly as we do, hearing what a customer wants or needs becomes a necessity, and we relish the challenge to meet every one of them. We say this a lot, and it isn't difficult to check us at our word.

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