Aluminum Common Alloys

Developed To The Highest Standards

High strength. Marine application. Long life. These are just three of the attributes offered in our Aluminum Common Alloy products, and the list grows without stopping. Let us prove we, and our products, are worthy of your trust.

Aluminum has been used for its unique properties for centuries, and our alloys are specially designed to exploit its strengths and correct its weaknesses. We construct alloys that are useful in millions of applications, from aircraft to household appliances.

Below are some examples of the many aluminum alloy products we offer.

Alloys & Tempers

  • 3003
  • 5052
  • 3105
  • 6061 (Up to 13")
  • Available in H14, H32, and O Tempers

.006" - .250"

36", 48", 60" Wide (103" Max)

Depot or mill-direct orders available